Thursday, August 29, 2013

The fight for quality libraries continues. The buildings may remain, but we need staff for programming and materials, e.g. books, etc. Get engaged.

There are some hard hitting comments to my August 24 post: A partial victory for a literate community. Miami Herald: Miami-Dade County will no longer close any public libraries. 2 are posted below. Click on the article link to read the others.

One commenter points out that perhaps Palmetto Bay, as a member of the MDPLS, should fight for a countywide quality library rather than stopping at protection of our own turf. Afterall, I would add that Palmetto Bay is party of the system wide book sharing. The Palmetto Bay Neighborhood Branch is not a self-sustained island onto its own.

Anonymous August 28, 2013
Hey Palmetto Bay- no worries! You get to keep your 40 hours of library operations! Unfortunately, places like Little River, Lemon City, & Edison only get 16 hours a week. - Patti Antoncich

Pinecrest officials are actively engaged in this fight. Our Palmetto Bay elected leaders are waiting for the results before joining the victory parade for whichever side prevails. I recommend that the residents set an example for our unengaged local leaders by supporting the efforts of the Save the Miami-Dade Public Libraries.

Another comment details actual budget reductions and tracks them over the last few years. Read more to read this comment:

Anonymous August 28, 2013
The MDPLS materials budget includes books, magazines, newspapers, downloadable Ebooks and audiobooks, homework databases, and many other shared community resources.

FY2002-03 - $5,511,000
FY2003-04 - $6,200,000
FY2004-05 - $6,823,000
FY2005-06 - $6,750,000
FY2006-07 - $7,000,000
FY2007-08 - $5,500,000
FY2008-09 - $5,500,000
FY2009-10 - $2,949,000
FY2010-11 - $2,375,000
FY2011-12 - $1,600,000
FY2012-13 - $2,200,000 ($1,600,000 + $600,000 State Aid)
FY2012-13, there were 49 locations and two book mobiles, $500,000 in database access.

Pending for FY 2013-14, there are submitted scenarios of $500k, $750k, $1M and $$1.5M.

Library's Millage Rates:
.4860 in 2005
.4860 in 2006
.3842 in 2007
.3822 in 2008 National Award Winning Library System
.3822 in 2009
.2840 in 2010
.17950 in 2011 Gimenez came into office: 300 employes laid off, hours cut.
.17250 in 2012

.17250 Pending for FY 2013-14 Facing 169 layoffs and another 1/4 reduction in operating hours.

Did we ever have a chance, when the biggest cut came in 2011 with our Mayor in office?

Go to the original blog post to read more of the comments.

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