Friday, August 30, 2013

Congratulations Ana Garcia.Palmetto Bay alumna does well. North Miami Beach swears in new city manager

North Miami Beach swears in new city manager - North Miami / NMB - Miami
Check out the link above for complete Miami Herald coverage.  I first passed on the good news for Palmetto Bay's initial Director of Parks & Recreation - Ana Garcia - being appointed the new City Manager for North Miami Beach on July 10. - It is now official, Ana Garcia was sworn in as Manager of North Miami Beach last Tuesday evening (8/27/13).

It was an exciting evening for her with Giselle, her mother and numerous other close family members, current and past co-workers in attendance to wish her the best.

I like her priorities. As reported in the Miami Herald, (Manager) Garcia said one of her first goals is to develop a strategic plan. “From that strategic plan, we need to come up with priorities.” 

I still say that one of the strengths of Palmetto Bay's first 8 years was in our developing the various master plans. It is troublesome to figure out why Palmetto Bay's current elected officials refuse to perform a comprehensive planning process.  Pinecrest has now completed its second. But I digress, that issue will be resolved come the 2014 elections.

Congratulations Manager Garcia. Those in attendance who represented your prior cities demonstrated how you build bridges rather than burn them. Good luck.  We all wish you the best!
Three of the mayors that Ana Garcia has worked with: Mayor George Vallejo (NMB), Eugene Flinn, Palmetto Bay; Ana Garcia & Julio Robaina, South Miami
Part of the team responsible for the 2002 - 2010 success.  Part of the PBay First Council Villagers in attendance: VM Linda Robinson, Manager Charles Scurr and Councilman John Breder with Julio Robina
PBay's First Lt. and second Village Commander, Captain Scott Dennis was in attendance


  1. Go Ana. Good luck.

  2. Nice looking team. Hi Julio.