Monday, August 5, 2013

Observations of the Dolphins first scrimmage game. The games have officially begun. South Florida wakes from its summer vacations

I watched the Dolphins game and felt the rush that the season is finally here! Not necessarily the football season, (sorry Heat, I watch and root for you, but I still consider this a football town) but the early scrimmage start signals the beginning of life returning to South Florida. 

The South Florida season is when everyone finally returns from their travels and schools start - football through the end of the Art Show season.  It is participant and active time in South Florida once again.

This is the time that South Florida is at its best. I am looking forward to the end of summer and the start of a new year that for us football fans and/or with children in school, starts in late August, not in January.

The game, oh yeah, I read the laments about the Dolphins loss.  Several thoughts come to mind:

1.  It is a scrimmage. The Dolphins lost a game by 4 points after giving up two scores on turnovers, one a tipped ball intercepted and returned for a touchdown. I’d rather come up 4 points short in a game that does not count in the standings, having driven for points then be pleased that the Dolphins won on two mistakes by their opposition.

2.  It is a scrimmage.  Of course the game is going to be somewhat sloppy. That is why they play pre-season. Do you think they would risk injury to multi-million dollar players during preseason if everyone was expected to be ready to go day/game one? I want to see the new guys fight through the jitters and fight for roster spots than watch the veterans try to avoid injury.

3. It is a scrimmage. I wonder, and I cannot answer this question, but do teams even scout other teams for a pre-preseason game like the Hall of Fame scrimmage? Who knows who is going to play, let alone what the expected play schemes will be. I assume they are looking to assess the players currently in their camp rather than worrying about opposing players who may be working in the real world outside of football in the next 34 days.

4.  I was wrong about the game last night being far from the Superbowl.  It was similar in one respect. I enjoyed some of the commercials.  I don’t know if it was new, but the Hyundai commercial (at least I think it was for Hyundai) with the kid putting together the team to get his ball back was enjoyable – so insofar as TV commercials; this was not a scrimmage, Madison Avenue is already in mid to post season form. 

Overall impressions:  Let the games begin.  Life is good.  I am looking forward to Friday, August 30 when UM (no preseason) kicks off against Fla. Atlantic. I am really looking forward to the UM/Gator game September 7.  Then we see the real season open for the Miami Dolphins on Sunday September 8 at Cleveland.

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