Friday, August 16, 2013

Following the anticipation. Comet ISON: Hope or Hype? |

Comet ISON: Hope or Hype? |

Interested in following what could be a spectacular comet show toward the end of this year. Doubts are rising as to whether it will live up to expectations.  Check out the link above to read the discussion on whether Comet ISON may not be performing up to expectations.

The comet, hailed by the media as a possible “Once a century comet” that will shine “Brighter than the Full Moon” has made its appearance out from behind the Sun, and initial reports from ground-based amateurs has found its performance a bit lackluster.

The latest word on Comet C/2012 S1 ISON’s possible demise comes from a recent report online via Sky & Telescope by Arizona-based amateur astronomer Bruce Gary. Gary recovered ISON on August 12th, low in the dawn sky using an 11-inch reflecting telescope and estimated its current magnitude at just under +14, a full 2 magnitudes or six times fainter than predicted.

But are calls declaring ISON’s downfall warranted?

Read on and follow this next potentially great celestial event.

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