Thursday, May 2, 2013

TALLAHASSEE: Texting while driving ban gets the green light - Florida -

TALLAHASSEE: Texting while driving ban gets the green light - Florida -
It is now up to Governor Scott.

The Miami herald reports that the texting-while-driving ban is headed to Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s desk for consideration.  Just today, Thursday, the Senate accepted a House-amended version of SB 52 and voted 39-1 to approve the ban.  This is after the house voted on Wednesday 110-6 to pass the bill, which included an amendment that allows cell phone records to be used as evidence only in the “event of a crash resulting in death or personal injury.”  The bill appeared to be procedurally dead due to the fact that a conformed bill (identical in both houses) is required in order for it to move forward to the Governor.

The debate on whether the Senate would go with the House changes has been answered in the affirmative. 

Congratulations to Sen. Nancy Detert, R-Venice this year's sponsor of this legislation. Thank you both houses, House and Senate, of the Florida Legislature.

As the Herald reported: Legislation to ban texting while driving in Florida has kicked around for four years, finally getting traction this session.

Review a prior posted from January, 2013: Texting while driving – will this be the year for positive action in Tallahassee?  There was a link: CLICK HERE to view a past Palmetto Bay e-currents (Oct. 2009) explaining past efforts from the Palmetto Bay council on making our roadways safer for everyone, especially our students.
Safe streets have been important from the very first Palmetto Bay council.

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  1. It is so important that this bill gets signed into law! Texting while driving has now overtaken drunk driving as the leading cause of death amongst teenagers. Our Founder, Wayne Irving II, is a Florida native and wrote an open letter to Governor Rick Scott urging him to sign it. You can read the letter here: