Monday, May 20, 2013

Governor Scott Vetoes local water money. $250K not going to Palmetto Bay, $400K not going to Cutler Bay. EDC veto is $50K

The veto list is out and the news is not good for Palmetto Bay and Cutler Bay.  Both saw their local water projects vetoed.

Here is the link to the 2013 veto list:

The veto lists Palmetto Bay's $250,000.00 on page 4 of 5. Line 1640 C, Project  62. 
Cutler Bay suffered the same fate as its $400,000.00 appropriation on local water money was cut as well. See page 3 0f 5, line 1640 C, project 11. 
The EDC's had $50,000.00 in the state proposed budget for Economic Development Council of South Miami Dade - Business Training Program & Life Skills Training Program.  The EDC veto is listed on the same page, 4 of 5,  line 2160 A, project 1 
More will follow on breakdown down what the vetoes mean for South Dade, but I wanted to get this breaking news out to the community.


  1. Palmetto Bay NeighborhoodMay 20, 2013

    Easy come and Easy go.

    1. It is sad to see the costs and time invested, taken from our tax dollars; the build up, the expectations, only to have the veto pen take away money from good projects.