Saturday, May 4, 2013

Derby kick off. Will this be the year for a triple crown winner?

Its the first Saturday of May. Time for the Kentucky Derby. Just like every team is undefeated before the start of play, we once again look for another Triple Crown winner. Will this year be the year? Post time is 6:24 PM.

Who in the neighborhood will be hosting a Kentucky Derby Party?

I found an interesting article, Even after 40 years, nobody beats Secretariat, by Mike Downey a former columnist for the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune. -
 Desperately seeking Secretariat.
We could use a new you. A superhorse to make our hearts pound the way your hooves did. A four-legged stud to give us a break from cheating golfers, dog-torturing football quarterbacks and 

40 years. Time keeps moving. I remember Secretariat, providing great events along with the space program to my childhood. It is even harder to believe that the last triple crown winner was Affirmed in 1978. 
Mr Downey discusses that incredibly, in all three races Secretariat still owns the fastest time. 

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