Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day planet parade: See Jupiter, Mercury and Venus

Memorial Day planet parade: See Jupiter, Mercury and Venus

Want to witness a show by nature? Read the entire article by Joe Rao,, for more information. Remember, there is a local group her in South Dade that meets on Saturday evenings and welcomes the public to view these celestial events.

A trio of bright planets is shining together in the sunset sky, a must-see night sky sight for stargazers this Memorial Day weekend.

Three planets — Jupiter, Venus and Mercury — can be now be seen in the western sky at dusk, weather permitting, in a rare and beautiful gathering that changes from night to night. Astronomers call a meeting of objects in the night sky a conjunction, but this planet parade is better described as a "Grand Conjunction." 

LOCAL VIEWING OPPORTUNITIES: Don't forget - Miami-Dade County's Bill Sadowski Park,and Nature Preserve a County Park is located in Palmetto Bay, 17500 SW 78th Ave, and is home to the Southern Cross Astronomical Society (SCAS).  The members of SCAS hold open to the public events, putting out their telescopes each Saturday evening from 8 - 10:00 PM, "weather" permitting. It is a great event to come to view, solo or with friends and/or the family.

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