Thursday, June 7, 2012

Miami-Dade School Board - School Budget Town Hall Meeting – facing a $95 Million shortfall. Who will suffer?

$95 million shortfall.  Does this figure grab your attention yet? It is time for YOU to get involved and be an advocate for our area youth.  They are our future and the start we provide for them will dictate the potential level of success we will have in our future. 

The Miami-Dade County School Board invites you to a School Budget Town Hall Meeting, seeking input for the 2012-12 budget.  This meeting will be held this coming Monday, June 11, 2012, beginning at 6:00 PM. Click the photo to view the photo invitation.  Information concerning parking is contained in the invite. 

It is time for all parents and those concerned about the quality of education to get involved.  The invitation warns that our local public schools face a $95 million shortfall, due to still depressed property values.  Even with the so-called increase in funding from Tallahassee.  Tough choices need to be made.

If you go:
Date:                    Monday, June 11, 2012
Time:                    6 PM
Where:                 MDCSB Administration Building, first Floor Auditorium
                              1450 N.E. Second Avenue
                              Miami, FL 33132

Please note that seating is limited.  The meeting will be televised live on WLRN Channel 17 and webcast at

Parents of public school students should consider the importance of this issue to their future, the future of the children they are raising, before they vote.  Cut through the sound bites and political party rhetoric at election time.  Expect a direct answer to the question: “what specifically have you done to improve our public education for our children. How have YOU voted on funding for our public schools?” 

An anonymous commenting on a prior post (Saturday, July 30, 2011, Thegovernor and his gang have Florida's public schools in their sights | rephrased the question as follows:

Question is: "What have you done while in the legislature to support our PUBLIC non-outsourced schools and our children?"

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  1. AnonymousJune 09, 2012

    The US used to value public education. Education is what helps move people up in economic class and community prosperity. I would guess that we are the only civilized society with a functioning public school system where parents and teachers actually have to reach into their own pockets in order to have basic supplies in the classroom.