Saturday, June 9, 2012

First regulating BINGO in Arkansas. Could current regulation tinkering be a gateway to over-regulation in Palmetto Bay? Sometimes you have to know when to just leave something alone.

The Colbert Report (link to a blog discussing this report is located immediately above) focused on Bald Knob preacher Larry Johnson's successful campaign to shut down senior citizen bingo games.  Review the video from the Cobert Report embedded in the blog.  It is worth the view time!

I have to ask who was saved from what?  It would be almost funny if I did not see some comparisons to the current campaign to shut down certain elements here in our own little town of Palmetto Bay.  Ask yourself, could this happen in Palmetto Bay under current leadership?  

The successful campaign to shut down senior citizen bingo games was based, in part, upon the belief that BINGO is a gateway crime that could lead to meth use, even sex. To me, this is classic scapegoating, bogyman politics.

Could the same be true for over regulation at home?  Regulating Churches and other uses could be a gateway activity that moves on to controlling even the typical Palmetto Bay's home owner's activities within the home.  Who needs more government?

PS: Sometimes you find something just too funny.  Note the initial blog comment: 
"The death rate among senior citizen bingo players is also much higher than the rest of the population." (actually, as someone pointed out to me, its "BINGO")


  1. AnonymousJune 10, 2012

    This could happen in Palmetto Bay, but only if the voters let it by not voting for the right candidates this November.

  2. Honestly, I see nothing wrong with bingo. What is the harm in indulging in some gaming? I, personally, am addicted to Bingo Hollywood but that doesn't get in the way of my healthy living. In fact, the senior members of our society find bingo very enjoyable and it is one of the things that helps them relax and forget about problems so who are we to stop them?