Friday, June 22, 2012

A bit on the warm side to be discussing: Fire pits evolve to offer light, warmth and a backyard gathering place - Environment -

Yes we love our fire pit, but it is currently properly stored for the summer season.  For us, it is now barbeque and swimming pool season.  I suspect that our fire pit will wait until January to make its annual reappearance.

I’m not getting the fire pit story in the first week of summer.  Maybe it’s time for South Floridians to plan ahead to create that ultimate back yard fire pit gathering place in time for the first cold snap expected 5 -6 months from now.  Fire pits can range from frugal portables to integrated pavers and special stone productions that are gas fed. Of course there are always the crude rocks and wood handmade specials that give you pride of primitive construction. 

Fire pits can be fun.  And I agree with the article that it can add to your backyard becoming and friend and family gathering place.  Yes, the yard goes from dark spot to becoming the scene of many hot dog and s'mores parties. A properly created and monitored fire pit can become a focal point in the home landscape.  Just, in my opinion, during those few cool weeks, sometime months in pleasant South Florida.

For now we are more focused on cooling off in the pools rather than gathering around the fires here in South Florida

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