Saturday, July 30, 2011

The governor and his gang have Florida's public schools in their sights |

Submitted by Ron Littlepage on July 26, 2011 - 
9:42am From the editorial page

The Orlando Sentinel reported earlier this week that the state's 3,000 traditional public schools, which received $122 million during the past school year for maintenance and repair of school buildings, will get zero — ZERO — dollars for the coming school year.

The state's 350 charter schools, however, will get to split up $55 million.

As stated from the source: "Scott is to blame, but he's not alone in this. Republicans in the Duval Legislative Delegation are complicit as well.
Some of them need to go."
Obviously the concerned residents, parents of students of Miami-Dade County are not alone. We in Miami-Dade County also need to ask who in our local Dade delegation have been complicit in dismantling the public schools.  The question should not be phrased "Do you support our schools?" Too many of our local legislators claim they do, but their actions, their votes say otherwise.

Public education is one of the biggest constitutional responsibilities placed on the members of State government.  The Governor, Cabinet, Senators and Representatives need to get it right.

The question is "What have you done while in the legislature to support our schools, our children?"

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  1. Question is: "What have you done while in the legislature to support our PUBLIC non-outsourced schools and our children?"