Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tea Party Followers, You've Been Had

Tea Party Followers, You've Been Had
Take a look at the July 30, 2011 posting on "Beach Peanuts":

July 30: If there are still true believers in the so called Tea Party movement who haven't recognized it for the re-branded Republican party corporate funded scam that it is, this message is for you.

You've been had.

Facts are facts. Just because you may refuse to believe them doesn't make you immune to them. The Republican/Tea Party have been scamming you all along and in the coming days, if America is pushed off the cliff into default by this Republican manufactured "crisis" you'll be riding into the abyss along with the rest of us. Your so called "leaders" have no interest in saving you from the disaster they've created, and they won't.

This blogger provides his/her latest examples of reality from the Tea Party world.

Blogger is listed as “Inkberries”, Florida. Interests: National and Florida Politics (but not politics as usual), with facts, not spin. Liberal, progressive, good sense of humor

I always felt you needed a sense of humor to participate in Florida State and Local politics.

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