Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rep. Paul Ryan's economic philosophies - The gospel of selfishness - Joy-Ann Reid in the Miami Herald and Father Thomas Reese appearing on The Cobert Report

The gospel of selfishness - Joy-Ann Reid -

Posted on Wednesday, 05.02.12, Miami Herald. The gospel of selfishness, by Joy-Ann Reid,
Interesting reading as to the direction we will take in November.  Contrast or compare with The Cobert Report, interview with Father Thomas Reese embedded below.

Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP’s chief budget writer and that party’s foremost economic philosopher, put this faith on display when he presented his budget to the Jesuits at Georgetown.

Ryan floated the novel idea that his plan to slash funding for the social safety net, while dramatically cutting taxes on business and the wealthy, is based on sound Catholic doctrine...

As noted by Ms. Reid, “Unfortunately for Ryan, this did not find favor with the Jesuits, or with the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops, who were not amused by Ryan’s clumsy attempt to place Rand’s Gospel of Selfishness into the mouth of Christ”

Father Thomas J. Reese, speaking for some 90 Georgetown scholars and faculty, and quoting from a series of letters the Conference of Bishops sent to the House majority upon reading their proposed budget, called “nonsense” Ryan’s claim that his proposal to take billions of dollars from things like food stamps and college tuition programs in order to fund further tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans, is based on Catholic social teaching.


"... Its not social Darwinism, its social creationism..."

Father Thomas Reese also appears on the Cobert Report, original air date 5/1/2012, and discussed what the discrepancies between Catholic doctrine and Paul Ryan's fiscal ministry.

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