Sunday, May 20, 2012

Know your flood zone - in advance of any incidents

I am providing a direct link to the Miami-Dade County GIS flood map. CLICK HERE to view this flood zone map.  You can either enter your address or move and zoom in on the map.

Some readers to my blog, reviewing the May 17, 2012, post: Have your plan ready. Hurricane season starts June 1, What have you done to prepare for this year?, have also smartly ventured over to a prior posting lifted from (credit to) Eye on Miami post of March 29, 2012, EYE ON MIAMI: Know Your Flood Zone. By Geniusofdespair.

Part of proper risk assessment is determining what hazards and conditions lie around you.  You might also want to verify this flood risk, elevation information to make sure that your homeowners policies (flood and other special hazards) has you properly rated.

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