Monday, May 7, 2012

Intense public pressure and scrutiny may lead to substantial change to the Zoning In Progress / Moratorium Resolution.

I am very proud of the activism in this community.  Rumor has it that the intense public pressure will lead to substantial changes to item 9H, The Zoning In Progress / Moratorium Resolution.  Note that this resolution has never had the support of the entire council.  Nothing has been confirmed, and I need to see the details before I can announce what effect it will have on the residential and business community. 

In the event a substitute item is not properly presented, I have prepared and listed the bullet points on collateral damage from the Neighborhood Preservation and Compatibility moratorium in its present form.

The Palmetto Bay council may vote tonight on either item 9H, or preferable, a much kindler and appropriate substitute 9H.  Nothing is set in stone until the final vote. Keep up the contact with the council members.  This council has demonstrated ‘flexibility’ on controversial issues.

I applaud those who have continued to step up the pressure and work to make this council understand just who they are hurting with this moratorium in its present form. As I stated prior, I believe the council will reconsider and possibly make major changes to the moratorium if not drop it for now. Your push is needed and appears to be making this change happen.  I have been copied on and otherwise been made aware of the numerous contacts to the council.  You should be aware that change from this council would not be occurring without all the contacts advising them that you are watching. 

Thank you all. 

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