Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moving forward on business development - Miami Dade College has teamed up with the Economic Development Council (EDC) of South Miami-Dade for a new “Business Training Program”

Attention any current or prospective new business owner.  Miami Dade College has teamed up with the Economic Development Council (EDC) of South Miami-Dade for a new “Business Training Program” for area residents interested in starting a business, growing the business they have or sharpening their present skills.  This exciting new business development program is being offered right here in Palmetto Bay (but is not sponsored or supported by the current government of Palmetto Bay) Read: EDC announces new business training partnership with MDC, by Gary Alan Ruse, currently posted online.

I keep wondering why Palmetto Bay wants to be left out of economic development.  This is not a time to go it alone, especially without a plan of their own.  While Mayor Shelley Stanczyk and Vice Mayor Pariser continue to snub participating with the EDC (they were 2 of the 3 “no” votes against partnering with the EDC while other Palmetto Bay council members voted to participate) and despite the fact that the neighboring communities of Pinecrest and Cutler Bay are in full support of the EDC - read a prior post of March 20, 2012: Mayor and Vice Mayor need to put politics aside and participate with EDC and our sister cities for the good of all South Dade. You can CLICK HERE to view other prior South Dade Updates articles regarding the EDC.

The EDC is not sulking or waiting on the current Palmetto Bay leadership, but continues to work with the existing  municipal partners and pick up new partners such as Miami Dade College in moving forward on its positive mission of economic revitalization.  Good for the EDC and good news for those looking to improve their business through the EDC programs.  

The classes will take place at the Palmetto Bay Village Center, 18001 Old Cutler Road.

Dr. James A. Thomas, MBA, EDC board chair advises that there are a total of nine classes, each from 60 to 90 minutes long, taught by successful local business leaders and academicians. The program covers the following topics:

• How to prepare a business plan;
• How to prepare a marketing plan;
• Negotiating contracts and leases;
• Leading your company;
• Technology 101;
• Growing your business;
• A finance primer;
• How to prepare a loan package, and
• Introduction to accounting.

Those who attend the classes will receive a certificate of completion and be eligible for discount rates for local business associations, local business discount coupons, a chance to apply for deeply discounted rental rates for commercial space in offices and strip malls, and a meeting with a qualified lending institution to present their new business plan and loan package application.

The cost for the nine-class program is $100. Those interested in learning more about the current schedule or reserving a spot in it should call 305-378-9470.

More information on this meeting as well as general information on the EDC and its mission can be found at


  1. AnonymousMay 11, 2012

    This sounds like a nice program, but you left out how much money the EDC was seeking from each government partner. Wouldn't that be important for us to consider to determine if it was reasonable not to buy in?

  2. The EDC was not asking for any financial contribution from Palmetto Bay. It was only seeking a resolution in support. That just one of many reasons that makes so many people scratch their heads in confusion over the behavior of the Mayor and Vice Mayor in refusing to participate with the EDC.

    The EDC is looking for partners to work on the large picture regional issue of revitalizing South Miami-Dade County. They are looking to create a strategic plan. A plan. This current Mayor and Council do not have a plan for economic development. A quality plan is sorely needed and the EDC is offering a gift horse that looking the Mayor and Vice Mayor in the mouth.

    You can view the entire resolution on a prior post: