Thursday, January 9, 2020

A POSITIVE update in Palmetto Bay. A 2 day snap shot. The Merwitzer family produced more power than they used on Jan. 7 & 8, 2020, thanks to their solar panels.

Finally, a positively charged blog post! I want to shed some light to ongoing Solar energy happenings here in Palmetto Bay. Thanks to their solar panels, the Merwitzer family produced more energy than they used on both January 7 & 8, 2020.  Though these dates are highlighted here, it is far from unusual. Producing more power than used is far from unusual. The savings are present year around. I offer this post as a snap shot of what occurs when you can take the plunge and go solar.

This update relates back to a PRIOR POST of January 5, 2017, Merwitzer family ends 2016 on a solar note. Go GREEN in Palmetto Bay

Over the past two days, The Merwitzer family have produced 35kWh more than they have used. This will only get better through June.

The Merwitzer's solar panels have produced 115.4kWh of power over the last two days (January 7 & 8, 2020).  To give you an idea of what that means, it is enough power to run their refrigerator for 25 days or run a 100w light bulb for 96 nights.  The gray bars in demonstrated in their FPL Energy Dashboard show that the Merwitzers have created and  have sent FPL excess power. 

FPL has to give them back this power at no charge (no pun intended). 

Each day, solar production is a bit different because of clouds and other factors.  Cutler Bay Solar Solutions installed their system three years ago, and it has worked flawlessly.  

NEXT STEPS: The Merwitzers are looking forward to having batteries installed and also the ability to use their solar panels even when FPL is offline such as during a power outage or after a hurricane.  People have asked them about the durability of their solar panels after a hurricane.  They even had neighbors come to their house after Hurricane Irma and were surprised to see that the solar panels were unscathed. The new plan is for using batteries to be able to have electricity from solar panels post next storm regardless of FPL's "hardened system" being offline.  

THOUGHTS FROM THE MERWITZERS: Why don't more people, who live in one of the sunniest places in the U.S., take advantage of solar panels? "This is a 'no brainer'".  

For reference, the Merwitzer's electric bill went from about $500 a month before the solar panels, to between $50-$100 a month after having solar panels installed.  The projected bill for January, 2020, is $53.  This is just under a 90% savings from before going with solar!

Once again, I congratulate Craig and Roseann Merwitzer - the entire Merwitzer family for taking this bold step in making use of renewable energy. It is paying off in savings, both to their ongoing electric bill as well as to our environment.

Posted here are some screen shots from the FPL website documenting the power production and savings created for the Merwitzers on Tuesday, January 7, 2019:

The Merwitzer family FPL bill for the day was a minus figure (but for the franchise fee assessed by the current mayor and village council - through they escape much of this tax burden as it is assessed as a percentage of the overall bill, so those who rely solely upon FPL for their electric needs at home and business pay substantially more in this Franchise Fee - tax).

I remain committed sustainability. Thank you Merwitzer family for stepping forward and setting such a great example for our community.

Thank you for keeping it positive Merwitzers!

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  1. While I live in SoFla (not Palmetto), I had Solar Panels installed by Cutler Bay Solar Solutions just over 3 years ago. I actually keep a running excel of my monthly consumption. One month I paid $9.38 (taxes only). My average yearly bill went from $406 p/month to $98 p/month. I too am looking to upgrade and install batteries as well.