Monday, September 9, 2019

Stealth tax increases they were hoping you wouldn't notice. New revenue. TAX ALERT

A new tax and without any changes in law - a stealth reason used to justify placing anew tax upon commercial properties as well as private communities that are not served by Miami-Dade County Solid Waste.  Any property owner who uses private garbage haulers will have to pay this new fee.  Businesses and schools will pass it on to those who use their services. Residents of private communities served by commercial haulers will simply pay more taxes.

CLICK HERE to read the Staff report and proposed legislation (not available online, except here).

There is nothing that prevents the Village from passing any ordinance, noise, neighborhood protection, or otherwise, to regulate the use of its streets, alleyways or dedicated public right of way at the present time. This is about the revenue.

How can you tell? If it was about regulation, you would see proposed restrictions in collections time, place and manner as part of this ordinance. There is none. Regulation is not contemplated. It is money/revenue first, then argue about any laws later.

This tax has been rejected both under Mayor Stanczyk and Flinn administrations.

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