Monday, September 9, 2019

FPL Franchise Fee Reboot. Once again, first attempt rendered invalid. Will a 5 year phase out become a 30 new encumbrance?

Most residents fail to realize that this current Palmetto Bay Village Council enacted its own tax upon our power bills. Note that this tax replaces a County (unincorporated Miami-Dade County) tax that was approved by the voters in 1992. Why is it that we could vote on a 30 year tax when we were unincorporated, but this current Village Council felt entitled to place a 30 year encumbrance upon our power bills by thir own unilateral action?  Final action was taken on June 17, 2019, at a special council meeting that few knew was being held, even fewer were able to attend. See the screen shot of the Manger report, photo right).

This is why I requested a meaningful town hall meeting. The current Village Council voted on an agreement that they obviously did not understand, and obviously failed to properly negotiate or even fully notify FPL as the power company rejected this franchise fee as 'passed' by this village council by a 3-2 vote (and how was there no representation by FPL at the first and Second reading to voice any objections?).

Once again, a swing and a miss that will cost anyone within Palmetto Bay who pays a FPL bill.

And, it is important to note, the $0.68 figure is misleading in my opinion, it is an “adjustment” figure, not the overall, actual cost, to each and every FPL account holder. That amount was not included in the memo.

VIEW THE ACTUAL FPL TAX INFORMATION: You won’t find the details online from Palmetto Bay, but you can CLICK HERE to view all 18 pages, the actual staff report and the long-franchise fee (another term for “TAX”) that I have placed on a google drive.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to read detailed information posted on my blog (much more complete than any information provided by the current Mayor, Manager or council member of this FPL Franchise fee issue).

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