Monday, September 2, 2019

Please join and donate to Abaco Relief - Assisting those devastated by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas

There are many leaders of this effort, including Palmetto Bay resident Richard Peeples (among others)

Here is the link to the Abaco Relief Facebook page. This is a public group.

One such plea: This just in from Richard H. Peeples III in South Florida

Good morning my friends, as we all know the Abacos have been destroyed and left the people desperate for help. Because I am insane, I am taking on the task along with Cody Holcomb, Bruce Marx, Ed Dwyer, and numerous others. We will need everything and are setting up locations to drop off your donations. So far Scott Baxter, SeaHunter Boats and Crook and Crook are established drop off locations. We will have a ship going over on Sat. That doesn't give us a lot of time to get it loaded. I've been in contact with some people in the Abacos and they will need everything. I am comprising a list. Budweiser will be donating two containers full of water. So water is not a priority. Please join Abaco Relief for information on how to make your tax deductible donations through the Miami Billfish Tournament. We are not associated with any go fund me pages. They take to large of a percentage to deal with. All monies donated will go directly to purchasing supplies and to pay shipping. All monies are for the people of Abacos. Nothing is going through the Bahamian government. We already have assurances that all customs and duties will be waved. If you need further information please send me a text since my phone is blowing up and I can't answer everyone. I appreciate everyone's help on this. Your thoughts and prayers have been great but now its time for your donations, no matter how small. These people need us and now its time to give back to the Bahamians who have given us so much. God Bless you all.

(Above information taken from the Abaco Relief public Facebook page - all the information you need is available from this site or from any of the administrators)
I will update this topic as information becomes available, but all you need to know will be posted to this Facebook site, including the ability to ask question of the leaders of this relief effort.

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