Friday, January 4, 2019

Update on Cutler Plantion, formerly known as the FPL site. Will it be a mixed use development mixing residential with a commerical marina, clubhouse, and commerical?

Will the northeastern section of Palmetto Bay become home to a commercial (public or private)  marina, clubhouse and yet to be defined commercial elements? Here is an update on the Cutler Plantation property:
Barbara, CEO and chairman of Luxcom, expects to build residential on the site with a marina and clubhouse, and is also considering a commercial component (bold emphasis added)
See The Real Deal, December 31, 2018, Developer Oscar Barbara buys massive undeveloped waterfront property in Palmetto Bay, Florida Power & Light sold the 71 acres; development plans include a residential complex, by Katherine Kallergis.

Zoning is still incomplete, even though the article report that the property is zone for one acre estate homes. On the intent to zone, one acre estate homes is not a mixed use zoning. Palmetto Bay presently has two areas zoned for mixed use (see Village Future Land Use map). One is the VMU, Village Mixed Use District, where the Palmetto Bay Village Center is located. The other is the downtown district, know as the DUV.

Also see prior related post from December 29, 2018, FPL's Cutler Plantation property reported to be sold and closed. Next step up to developer. No notice of whether any pre-sale meetings were held with the village.

When will we know?  Stay tuned. 

There have been no public meetings set either by the owner/developer or any of our Palmetto Bay elected officials to provide for public discussions of this property. No one spends over $30 million without having done their due diligence. Current member of the village council David Singer has it right, developers should be required to meet with the public and he has been a champion for such transparency. I am proud of my terms as mayor and the prior council where 3 of the 5, myself and council members Siegel Lara and Singer, held publicly noticed meetings on this property. This was an interactive meeting. See: The public trust is enhanced when meetings with zoning applicants are held in full view of the public - and with participation

I call upon the current mayor and council to set up a public meeting - with public participation - in order to present the facts and head off any rumors.

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