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Congrats Team Palmetto Bay - a nominee for the 2019 Safe Streets Awards. Will the current Mayor and Council remain committed to Palmetto Bay's policy of Complete Streets Guidelines?

Congratulations Village of Palmetto Bay. Let's keep the success moving forward. 

Hard teamwork during 2017 & 2018 is paying off and the Village is set to be recognized. The Urban Health Partnerships has announced the nominees for the 2019 Safe Streets Awards. The Safe Streets Awards are an opportunity to highlight individuals and jurisdictions that have led by example in creating better streets for all users. Palmetto Bay is nominated in the Miami-Dade County section for the Complete Streets Community Award. The nominees are as follows:

Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG)
City of Doral
The Street Plans Collaborative
Village of Palmetto Bay

A complete list of the nominees (regardless of category) is posted at end of this blog (Miami-Dade County only).

Here are the facts relating to Complete Streets and Palmetto Bay's buy in to date.

We need to keep this work on complete streets, including bike lanes, etc., et. al. going strong.  

I suggest that this current council take a look at policy set to date by prior administrations, specifically Resolution 2017-67,  (sponsored by Mayor Eugene Flinn) wherein the Village Council unanimously adopted  Miami-Dade County’s “Complete Streets Guidelines” and directed that these guidelines should be incorporated into the planning, design, approval, and implementation processes for any construction, reconstruction, retrofit, maintenance, alteration, or repair of streets, bridges, or other portions of the transportation network, including pavement resurfacing, restriping, and signalization operations if the safety and convenience of all types of users (i.e., pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists, and public transit riders, including children, youth, families, older adults, and individuals with disabilities) can be improved within the scope of the work.

The 2014-2018 Village Council directed the Village Manager to incorporate, whenever feasible, the Complete Streets Guidelines into the operations of any Village departments responsible for the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of County streets, bridges, and other portions of the transportation network and adjust any impacted standards so that they are consistent with the recommendations in the Complete Streets Guidelines.

Related Post: January 13, 2019, The Miami Foundation - Safer Street Talk: How We will Reduce Pedestrian and Bicyclists Deaths - detailing some of the collaboration that Palmetto Bay has been a part of to date in Safe Streets

With this in mind, and specifically considering the current award nomination for past policy and achievements, I strongly suggest that the current Mayor and Council read the Complete Streets Guidelines and determine whether this newly elected council wants to revisit the concept of and Palmetto Bay's future commitment to Complete Streets.

COMPLETE STREETS – Miami-Dade County resources:

Per the County webpage:
Do you want safer streets in your community? Do you want to be able to get around by bike, foot, transit and automobile? Do you need help calming traffic in your community? Check out the Complete Streets Design Guidelines.” 
(Click link above to view)

PALMETTO BAY  votes on Complete Streets under past administrations:

Several important votes were taken in 2017 in line with the “Complete Streets Guidelines” policy. Among these votes:

Bike lane improvements

June  5, 2017   Reso 2017-77 - 82nd Avenue from SW 160th Street to SW 168th Street (approved 5-0)

April 19, 2017  Reso 2017-47 - Joint Participation (JPA) between Pinecrest, Miami-Dade and Palmetto Bay in design and construction of bike lane improvements on SW 136th Street from US1 to Old Cutler Road (approved 4-1, Vice Mayor opposed).

Note that Miami-Dade County has acted on this matter, in the memorandum dated October 23, 2018, Agenda Item No.: 8(N)(4) recommending approval of the resolution authorizing the execution of a Joint Participation Agreement (JPA) between MDC and Palmetto Bay. CLICK HERE to view the memorandum posted online at 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Transparency dictates that both these resolutions (at a minimum) should be brought forward and either rescinded or modified to conformed to properly reflect the policy and intention of the incoming Mayor and Village Council.


The Safe Streets Awards are an opportunity to highlight individuals and jurisdictions that have led by example in creating better streets for all users.


Miami-Dade County

•            Meg Daly, Founder and President/CEO of Friends of the Underline
•            Anthony Garcia, Principal, The Street Plans Collaborative
•            Robert Ruano, Founding and Current Chairman of Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG)
•            Jason Spiegel, Founder of Freebee
•            Patrice Gillespie Smith, Sr. Manager of the Miami Downtown Development Authority’s (DDA) Planning, Design & Transportation Department


Miami-Dade County
•            Bike Walk Coral Gables (BWCG)
•            City of Doral
•            Freebee
•            The Street Plans Collaborative
•            Village of Palmetto Bay


•            Avenue 3 Miami Quick Build
•            City of Sunrise - Sunset Strip Boulevard Complete Streets Project
•            Clematis Streetscape Project
•            Old Dixie Highway Complete Streets Project
•            Palmetto Park Road Shared Path Improvements
•            Pinecrest Elevation Drive
•            Shady Lakes Drive Extension and Shady Lakes Drive and PGA Boulevard Intersection Improvements
•            US-1 Complete Streets Project in Village of Tequesta

•            SW 152 St Separated Bike Lanes

Editor's note: This information provided by Eugene Flinn for purposes of transparency and to document past and present County and Municipal policy relating to complete streets and bike lanes in Palmetto Bay.

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