Friday, August 10, 2018

Palmetto Bay - I am working with Miami-Dade County to get the Crosswalk at 82nd/163 Street replaced.

I recently had a breakthrough in resolving the flashing sign issue at the crosswalk located on the North side of 163rd Street at 82nd Avenue.

This item has been placed on the August 20, 2018, Special Council meeting: 
Discussion and potential action on a Resolution authorizing the Village Manager to replace a flash signal at SW 82nd Avenue and 163rd Street (sponsored by Mayor Eugene Flinn). 
I met on site with Carlos Blanco from the Traffic Signals and Signs Division, Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works Department, on Friday, 8/10/18 and reviewed the new product, this will be a Pelco product as the prior product was held up due to litigation.  Mr. Blanco confirmed that the Pelco product will work at this intersection.  The product is simpler from the current product, so both will be replaced to be uniform.  Parts will be easier to obtain for this Pelco signal.  Thank you Mr. Blanco!

The items remains on the Special council meeting agenda for update and action by the full council.  Again student safety is of utmost importance.  This signal was put in long ago, under our former County Commissioner Katy Sorenson through hard work of community activists, in this case, Mayade Ersoff.  It is our duty to make sure this crosswalk remains safe and I take that duty seriously.

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