Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Mayor Stanczyk states on the record: "A community center is something they are asking for. They have come out and asked for it, not because they were podded." Locating the Community Center at the exact location we now own.

Excerpt from the Monday, March 4, 2013 "Shade Session" transcript (CLICK HERE to download and view) - (then) Mayor Shelley Stanczyk reveals that the community center is something that 'the people want' and further that it belongs on the property we recently purchased.

Note some very important differences from what the Stanczyk council wanted - they were talking about purchasing the entire property for $5-6 million (it never happened).

Councilman David Singer's proposal purchased only the property we need to build this community center (exactly where the Stanczyk council was discussing placing it).  Additionally, we obtained a covenant that is now attached to the remaining property, NEVER to build a Charter School, and a private developer added investment to the Downtown area.

But don't take my word for it, read Mayor Shelley Stanczyk's own remarks: Page 30, beginning line 15:
Over the past couple of years the community surrounding the park has come to me on a number of occasions.

I have an email I got this morning asking us to buy the land. At the town hall meeting it was brought up:

“buy the land.“

People in this end of town, yes. We have a town that has different sites to it. But we serve all.

We are here elected by all to serve. And because this is at one end of town it will serve all.

A community center is something they are asking for. They have come out and asked for it, not because they were podded.

They came to us. They came to us last year and asked. So that this—

This is something that the community desires. This is their tax dollars. This is their community.

We are only stewards. So I think in listening to them and listening to what they see their future in using their community as it services them.

But it also brings us to the vision that was seen by the other Council's and the vision is coming forward in many communities across this country where older neighborhoods are being redone, rebuilt
All boldface emphasis added.

So there it is. This is more vindication of our current position and exposure of deception from the past administration. Case closed, but more to come anyway. 

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