Thursday, August 9, 2018

Councilwoman Joan Lindsay states on the record: " I think we need a community center in the Village." Locating the Community Center at the exact location we now own. Discussing a “livable” downtown. Please note: This means ‘residential units’.

I am so pleased to be part of the 3-2 slim majority to take positive action and lock down a prime site for our Community Center.  We almost missed this opportunity, an opportunity that the prior council failed to capitalize on.  The transcripts serve to clear up the misconceptions and provide a factual background supporting the Votes of Council Members David Singer, Larissa Seigel Lara and myself to protect our community.    

The statements of former councilwoman Joan Lindsay are important to viewing just how serious the Stanczyk council was to a Community Center.  Councilwoman Lindsay started her activism in Palmetto Bay as one of the founders of Concerned Citizens of Old Cutler, INC.(CCOC) and was one of the leaders of the "Save Our Palmetto Bay" campaign against the Palmer Trinity School expansion.  

The recovered transcripts are helpful to demonstrate that support that the former CCOC members actually supported the Parks Master Plan of the prior council and the Community Center located between Franjo Road and Perrine Park (now Palmetto Bay Park).

Editor's note:  I encourage everyone to completely read the entire transcript and compare what this group discuss when outside the view of the public (shade sessions are held behind closed doors) and when they thought no one would ever read their statements.  The comments made certainly contrast sharply with public comments and the e-mails put out under the CCOC group name.  

The excerpts below are quoted from the Monday, March 4, 2013 "Shade Session" transcript (CLICK HERE to download and view) - (then) Councilwoman Joan Lindsay also confirms that the community center is something that 'the people want' and further that it belongs on the property we recently purchased.

Please read the complete transcript to view all the detailed discussion.

Page 24, beginning line 23, and followed onto page 24, Ms. Lindsay:
"I thought for a long time that it was in the best interest of the Village to acquire that property.

I think we need a community center in the Village. I think the plans that our staff and the Manager has put forward in the past about having Franjo Avenue be our Downtown thoughfare, having a walkable Downtown with small shops, great restaurants and a place to -- you know -- have the community come together and, as they do in South Miami, I think would be a big benefit to this area.

And I think purchasing that property would also show people who own property in the triangle and this entire area that we are serious about moving forward and making this the workable, livable Downtown are that we have talked about -- walkable Downtown area."
                             *  *  *
Beginning page 25, line 22: 
"And this is my District. And I hear from these people perhaps more often that some of you."
The purchase of the portion of the Shores property was a good one, as evidenced by the statements and behind the scenes planning of the Stanczyk council.

We almost missed this opportunity.  This property was obtained as a result of a thin 3-2 vote.

The Palmetto Bay Community was nearly robbed of the chance to be apprised of the strong support that the prior Palmetto Bay Council, specifically including Shelley Stanczyk and Joan Lindsay, had for purchase of this property to remove the charter school, build a community center, enhance the walkable residential downtown area.

Thank you Shelly and Joan, for your statements of support as contained in these transcripts regarding resolving the issue and bringing a Community Center to our downtown area.

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