Friday, March 30, 2018

Offering up solutions to transit. I am sponsoring the Freebee alternative on Mon., April 2. I hope my fellow council members jump on board.

This is an exciting item that I have been working on.  It is presently operating in several Miami-Dade County Municipalities. I believe it is time to bring it to Palmetto Bay.

I am proud to sponsor this item and bring it to the Village Council after investigating the program and initiating negotiations with the provider. We are also working to obtain a grant to cover a substantial portion of the cost for the first few years.  It can be found on the current agenda [(CLICK HERE) to view the full agenda - warning large download] - it is found on pages 123-124, item 5. A. (iii).

This is a great idea and I am proud to be the sponsor to bringing this service as a pilot program to Palmetto Bay. Click the headline to read the Miami Herald article posted online March 30, 2018: A bus service that residents can’t get enough of? It’s happening in Miami, by ROB WILE

I have been in discussion with this group for some time (not just "sponsoring a reso") - I believe it is now ready to bring before the village council in order for me to get everyone on board (literally).

For more information on Freebee - CLICK HERE

We set up the geographical jurisdiction through negotiation. It won't take you far out of the area, but you can go anywhere within that defined area - we can have it take you to the bus lanes, to the Falls Shopping Center, to any restaurant in Palmetto Bay, to any park, friend's house, village hall. People could take it to go from home to any church within the defined area, to any village park or facility. We would use it to get to places where parking is an issue such as the village picnic or 4th of July event. Its door to door service.

Where do you want to go?

This is an exciting opportunity.

I have been asked about the fate of the IBus.  The Freebee is a pilot program.  We continue to work for real transit solutions.  At the very least, the IBus will always be available as a shuttle for large village events.Or perhaps a school shuttle for those less than a mile from each school. (I am working on that option as well - as are others.) It sure keeps traffic out of the neighborhoods for events like Deering Seafood, etc. And I remain skeptical of the "park and Ride" from St. Richard (even though I negotiated the lease) as it will have to go down 77th Av to 144 then up to the bus lanes to work. The trip will take at least 20 minutes from St. Richards to Dadeland South. Commuters will have to get there early to make sure they don't miss it (and those who are there won't want to wait on others - they want to 'park & go'). Miss it and it will be up to a 20-40 minute wait to start your commute. You might as well drive your own car downtown, forget about additional time involved in a transfer to metro rail at Dadeland South onto Metrorail.)

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