Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Educational Advisory Committee (EAC) - updates on school school security and transportation initiatives

School safety was the big topic of the Education Advisory Committee (EAC) meeting held on Tuesday, March 6, 2018. Other important issues discussed included school transportation and a legislative update from Tallahassee. I am proud to be the liaison to this committee.

Palmetto Bay Policing Unit Major Gady Serralta presented on Palmetto Bay’s collaborative efforts on security in and surrounding our schools. Major Serralta disclosed that the enhanced security to MDCPS may reach $60,000.00 in overtime - through the remainder of this school year. I expect to bring forward budget adjustments to facilitate keeping students safe within our area.

As Mayor, I provided updates to the EAC members and guests on both village meetings on security and transportation efforts and meetings I have held with school board leaders.

Transportation is also being discussed - both on proposals I am facilitating regarding of ongoing meetings with Miami-Dade County Schools in an attempt to use our IBus to relieve school traffic as well as updating on (presently available and approved by MDCPS) car pooling initiatives - how I am working with our County Commissioner to identify potential users and encourage a dramatic increase in car pooling to schools.  Council Member David Singer appeared and privately discussed his own ideas for school transportation with District Representative. I understand that there will be a roll out for discuss in the very near future . 

Council Member David Singer and I have been hard at work holding several Town Hall Meetings on transportation (along with an upcoming traffic Safety Town Hall set for Monday, March 12, 2018).  Many ideas have arisen through the interactive discussions occurring at these town halls.

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