Sunday, July 23, 2017

Village receives $550K state grant for stormwater projects

More grants coming to Palmetto Bay - and I want it used for Stormwater; addressing much needed drainage.

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection announced on June 23 that it had awarded $550,000 to the Village of Palmetto Bay for stormwater infrastructure improvements as part of a nearly $3 million funding program awarding grants to communities across Florida.
The overall program is designed to improve water quality in impaired springs, rivers, lakes and estuaries, which need help meeting Florida’s stringent water-quality standards
The money for Palmetto Bay is to be used for catch basin retrofits, installation of additional catch basins, sedimentation boxes, baffle boxes and exfiltration trenches throughout the village. This will help reduce pollutants flowing into Biscayne Bay, which is southeast Florida’s largest coastal estuary.

CLICK HERE to view the complete Community Newspapers article by Gary Alan Ruse: Village receives $550K state grant for stormwater projects
" ... I’m resuming the policy of trying to bring back tax dollars to our area,” Mayor Flinn said. “Storm water is a huge issue."

"Whether you believe in sea level rise or not, everybody sees water sitting on their street and park lane, and it’s something we needed to address. That’s one of the reasons we incorporated. We were not getting the attention we needed to get being part of Greater Miami-Dade County. That money’s going to go very far in assisting us with our storm water efforts that we have done annually under my leadership."

I continue to pledge that our village tax dollars be spent for their intended purpose, to address village infrastructure needs.

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