Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Please- help us in this important fight against the ZIKA virus.  No amount of spray or code enforcement will work unless we all get involved in this situation.  Please take the time to go around your own homes and look for mosquito breeding sites: bromeliads, tarps, empty pots, yard equipment - even children's toys and playhouses can collect water and harbor mosquito larva. 

I am providing an updated flyer: "KEEPING ZIKA OUT OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD" - it discusses what you should do to keep your yard from becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. And yes, it does discuss ineffectiveness of spraying. This is a serious matter that requires all levels of combat against this serious health hazard. Be your brothers keeper. Consider and help your neighbors.

The village is receiving many phone calls - both questions regarding the facts as well as reporting nuisance locations.  Please keep the calls coming.  Village Hall can be reached during business hours at (305) 259-1234.  The after hours duty phone is (305) 506-7965.

As always, you can reach me via e-mail to or direct cell: (305) 302-3713. 

Click the link to reach the 2 page .PDF: KEEPING ZIKA OUT OF YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD

Thank you,

Eugene Flinn, Mayor
Palmetto Bay

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