Monday, August 15, 2016

Announcing Palmetto Bay's Pokemon GO event. Join us for yet another fun activity held in our parks.

Pokémon have infiltrated Palmetto Bay.  We are looking for Pokémon GO Players to join us at the park on Aug 27 as we lure them out to be captured.  Try and take over a gym.  I am looking forward to this event.  Join us for family time in Palmetto Bay (a/k/a "#SmallTownUSA) to take part another event to get out into our fresh air; taking advantage of our parks and green spaces.   

The date is Saturday, August 27, 2016, when we will release Pokémon Lures from 4-8 PM. The best place? Palmetto Bay Park.  There will be prizes, food trucks and a live DJ. It will be fun. Join us.

I have noted many Pokestops (both commercial and public) within our village.  Feel free to share this event (and share event photos using #EventsPalmettoBay to win prizes).

We will have Pokémon specially imported both from Upstate NY and NYC.  Our family had fun capturing them to bring them to Palmetto Bay.  A few even posed for pictures. The time is rapidly approaching when we will release the Poke Lures and the NY Pokémon for our local Pokémon GO players to collect.
 (Photos above were captures from Lake George, Warrensburg and Moreau Lake State Park, NY)

We could not resist asking the Nintendo Store in NYC to 'box up' some of our captures to bring back to Palmetto Bay to share for this event:
All ready to be brought back home to Palmetto Bay - ready to be released at Palmetto Bay Park to be enjoyed at this family-friendly event!

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