Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Look to what the professionals say - Palmetto Bay's credit rating raised from "AA" to "AA+" - Good News that reflect outstanding management

From AA-, to AA and now up to AA+ - the hard work over the years continues to be reflected in our bond rating by Standard & Poor's Global Ratings. 

Village Management was notified of the good news via telephone last week, (hence the 'tease' tweet pushed out on August 3, but I wanted the letter in hand before we made the formal announcement. Standard & Poor’s Global Rating Upgrades Palmetto Bay's Revenue Bonds Rating from “AA" to "AA+" ... The Village of Palmetto Bay is proud to announce that S&P Global Ratings upgraded the Village’s rating from “AA” to “AA+” on non-ad valorem bonds issued by Florida Municipal Loan Council.
CLICK HERE to view the actual ratings letter of August 4, 2016.

Financial institutions such as Standard & Poor's are objective based.  The ratings back up our annual unblemished audits.  Ratings such as the 8/4 S & P upgrade are a much better indicator of our financial performance than the hyperbole currently being misdirected in the current Palmetto Bay council campaigns.  I remains available, as always, to discuss this updated financial outlook and what it means for the village.

In the meantime, I am proud to continue to lead a council where the financial ratings continue to rise; this in a time when we read so much about government finances heading south.
As per the official Palmetto Bay press release (8/8/16)- Standard & Poor's Global Rating Upgrades Palmetto Bay's Revenue Bonds Rating from "AA" to "AA+":
The upgrade reflects the village's strong performance, strong management, and maintenance of an unassigned fund balance exceeding 75% over the past three years," indicated S&P Global Ratings in its Rating Letter and Report to the Village. 
"The "AA+" rating reflects our view of:
  • Very strong economy, with access to a broad and diverse metropolitan statistical area (MSA);
  • Strong management, with good financial policies and practices under our Financial Management Assessment methodology;
  • Strong budgetary performance, with operating surpluses in the general fund and at the total governmental fund level in fiscal 2015;
  • Very strong budgetary flexibility, with a high available fund balance in fiscal 2015 of 98% of operating expenditures;
  • Very strong liquidity, with total government available cash at 114.4% of total governmental fund expenditures and 12.6x governmental debt service, and access to external liquidity we consider strong;
  • Adequate debt and contingent liability position, with debt service carrying charges at 9.1% of expenditures and net direct debt that is 95.0% of total governmental fund revenue, as well as low overall net debt; and
  • Strong institutional framework score"
In the Rating Letter, S&P Global Ratings explains that the non-ad valorem bonds are secured by a loan agreement between the Council and the Village.  Supporting the loan "are the village's covenant to budget and appropriate non-ad valorem, legally available revenues, by budget amendment if necessary."
In what is still an uncertain local economy, the upgrade is a testament of Palmetto Bay's commitment to financial strength and stability. We are very excited by this news and thank the Village Council, Village Staff and our Village residents for your continued commitment to this organization and this community. ....

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