Monday, August 22, 2016

Photos of the Day - Coral Reef Elementary & Southwood Middle - First day photos

Traffic prevented me from getting to all our area schools today, opening day.  I will get by and stay active with our schools. 

Alexandra and I wish everyone a happy, safe and successful school year.  We all are proud of our public and private schools here in Palmetto Bay.  Student performance off the charts, performing arts, magnets, and participation in and with our community.  One again, we look forward to another year of our students, teachers and administrators making the Palmetto Bay community proud.
The day started with daughter Meredith heading off to begin her senior year at Palmetto HS.
Coral Reef photos above - with the CRE Team: Principal Guerra, AP Pierre-Louis & Counselor Serota and greeting Madeleine (Photo credit: Ryan Baldwin).  The Baez family regularly bikes to CRE. 
Miami-Dade Public School Police officer with members of our Palmetto Bay Policing unit - keeping it safe.  Southwood Principal Raul Garcia saw to it that the talent of Southwood rocked their way to a big first day kick off - members of the Southwood Middle Rock Group (below).
I always enjoy the first day - the big smiles - from parents as they drop their young students off for the new year.  On the less happy side: The Summer traffic holiday is over.  We are back to school in session commuting. 

Please drive carefully and be patient. 

Very truly yours,

Eugene Flinn, Mayor
Palmetto Bay

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