Sunday, December 13, 2015

Welcome aboard Major - and thank you for the strong stand in addressing Palmetto Bay's Traffic woes.

I am so pleased with our new Village Police Commander, Gadyaces Serralta.  There is a must read article published online - Miami Herald, as well as in the Sunday, December 13, 2015, Neighbors section, page 4SE.

Read the Miami Herald article (while it remains available online), December 11, 2015, New police commander settled in, battles roaring traffic, by Monique O. Madan.

He has been hard at work with our Village Policing Unit tackling more than just a perp or two, he is fully onboard with one of my biggest missions – or as Major Serralta is quoted: “Our traffic enforcement initiative, where we target areas in Palmetto Bay that have a high rate of complaints — places with countless traffic violations,” said. “It’s been really busy.”

Busy is what we need to put a dent in this situation.  We can praise or grouse monthly on the crime stats each month, but traffic affects us all whenever schools are in session. 

This is a multidisciplinary approach, including public works which is hard at work in-house as well as collaboratively with Miami-Dade County on projects such as signage as well as permanent and temporary traffic calming devices.

The article goes on to reveal that; During his off time, the police commander enjoys doing charity work. Recently he participated and volunteered at a few 5K walk-a-thons and a massive fundraiser that goes toward feeding Miami’s hungry children. 

“I encourage officers to give up their time as well; we are public servants,” he said.

Recent 5Ks included the Reason to Run 5K, held in Palmetto Bay, that he and his unit volunteered to assist. He also assisted the Village council in the Veterans Day event held at post #133 in Palmetto Bay (pictured above left).

Serralta also enjoys hiking. His favorite is the Appalachian Trail – Personally, I would enjoy getting our new Major out on a bicycle.

Thank you Village Police Commander Serralta.  Welcome aboard.  Thank you for addressing what is presently our #1 concern – traffic.   

Eugene Flinn

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