Thursday, December 24, 2015


From our entire family, Meredith, Katherine, Alexandra and myself, to you and your family: Merry Christmas.  

2015 has been a very productive year.  It is our wish that everyone is enjoying this holiday season. Families celebrate the holidays in many different ways, but one of the great things that we all have in common in our area is the overwhelming sense of community and responsibility to family that we share.

Chanukah and Christmas were far apart this year, extending this season.  I again had the pleasure of participating with friends at the Chabad Jewish Center Menorah Lighting held in Coral Reef Park.  We will be attending Christmas Eve services tonight.  We are all anxiously waiting for my brother’s return home form his latest deployment overseas in Afghanistan. His wife and kids have obviously missed him terribly and look forward to what should be a late Christmas Eve return. 

I am reminded, especially during the holidays, of the importance of family and the importance of maintaining our sense of civic spirit.

I hope during this holiday season as we celebrate and enjoy our families that each and every one of us takes a few minutes to think about those families who cannot be together – for the soldiers who defend our country, for the loved ones who must share in their sacrifice, and for those who are no longer with us, although we hold their memory dear.

We all need to continue to strive to achieve the holiday ideal of “Peace on Earth.” Everyone can do their part to help create a better world simply by treating each other with understanding, kindness and respect. Each time you help another person, we all take another step closer toward true peace on earth.

So once again, we wish each and every one of you, a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season and a joyous and prosperous New Year. You all have earned it. Thank you all, again, for the kindness you show others, not just during the holidays, but all year long.

We look forward to new challenges and successes for 2016 as we close out our current year.

Eugene Flinn, Mayor

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