Monday, December 14, 2015

Presentation by the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition - -- Who they are. How you can join.

Thank you.

Thank you Al Sunshine and the entire Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition for the work you do - fighting to protect and preserve our sensitive Pine Rocklands.  The photo was taken on Saturday, December 12, 2015, during a Livable Cutler session.
I am honored to receive a Miami Pine Rocklands Limited Edition print as a "Miami Tiger Beetle" Member.  I accept this on behalf of all members of my family who have been so supportive of the effort "Save it, Don't Pave It."

CLICK HERE to view the Facebook page for Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition. Follow this link to the website for the Miami Pine Rocklands Coalition

This website also takes you to a page where you can learn of all the critters that inhabit these imperiled Pine Rocklands, including access to the downloadable / printable Coloring Books of the Pine Rockland critters.  (You may access, print and please distribute to friends, family, groups that may have an interest, teachers, etc. simply by 'rightclicking' to save it to your computer for printing.

This photoprint to the right says it all, beautifully capturing our native Pinelands.   

Thank you,

Eugene Flinn

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