Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Please provide your input as to which Logo Best Fits our New Program - "Get Fit Palmetto Bay"

1 or 3?  Or 2, Please not 5! (just kidding).  We are seeking your input.

I hope that you join with me as we embark upon an exciting new program - Get Fit Palmetto Bay. We're getting ready to launch it, but first we need your help in selecting the program logo. Please view and take the survey (CLICK HERE) Spoiler alert - I like 1 & 3 best. 

I want to hear from you!

The Village of Palmetto Bay is getting ready to launch its “Get Fit Palmetto Bay” program in 2016, a year-long series of events and programs promoting wellness, nutrition, and fitness for residents, employees, and businesses in Palmetto Bay. Help us jump-start the program by voting now for your favorite "Get Fit Palmetto Bay" logo. Online voting ends Dec. 14.

Thank you for your consideration and participation.

Eugene Flinn, Mayor
Palmetto Bay

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