Friday, August 3, 2012

Update on the Rotary sign. I am now looking for a sign from the great right of way protectors as to our future of the Palmetto Bay gateway monuments

I first reported on the end of the 50 year landmark, the Rotary International informational sign on
Wednesday, July 25, 2012, Rotary international has 50 year sign removed. You gotta be kidding me. Why? Another landmark removed in the name of“progress”?.  I have received numerous comments and e-mails (why are so many afraid to just post a comment directly on the blog???) One of my favorite was someone asked me where was our Historic Preservation board.  Good question.  At least one, I appears, is too busy running for office, having accomplished nothing (that is a story for another time).

The one point was that FDOT does not allow signs located in its right of way.  Really?  They missed the Rotary International (and American Legion, BTW) sign(s) for 50 years?  I guess we will soon see other similar community signs go down.  What about the obvious invasion of the FDOT right of way pictured above?

I am very disappointed in our current Mayor and Vice Mayor for not being protective of community organizations, of not showing some pride that these fine organizations exist within our community. I am also publicly asking this question of our current mayor and vice mayor:  I am still looking for some leadership from our current mayor and vice mayor (I know, don't hold my breath).

If this sign is offensive or a danger as being in the right of way; then don’t the two photos of the US! village gateway monuments (solar powered, BTW) demonstrate other violations of FDOT’s right of way?  Will you protect these signs (monuments) or will these entrance gateway signs soon go the way of some of the favorite playground equipment in Coral Reef Park?

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