Monday, August 6, 2012

Another reason why the NPO workshop should wait and not be held in August.

This a critical vacation time for Palmetto Bay families. Even the Palmetto Bay official parks summer camp ended as of Friday, August 3 (dates June 11 through August 3).  That means it is time for that last-minute vacation unless you have other child care set up.  Parents are otherwise scrambling to buy school equipment for start of the upcoming new school year.

Shelley Stanczyk and Brian Pariser have clearly indicated through the dates scheduled that families have a choice, take vacations when school is out or give up your Summer and family time to participate in critical government regulation decisions. It defines Hobson's choice. 

No one with school age children can reasonable be counted on to be in town when school is out of session.  Why is this Palmetto Bay council at war with young families?  Why can’t the public participation portion of this NPO wait for a time that is not prejudicial to families?

The number of special meetings called during the summer is an indicator to some that something fishy appears to be going on with the work on this NPO. 

Why this update: I have fielded several telephone calls as a result of my prior post (again, I offer the opportunity to post, even anonymously, where they can be shared with all readers). 


  1. Too bad families are no longer a priority in Palmetto Bay.

  2. I would go, but we are out of town.

  3. We are back Gene, but we would not have know but for your blob.

  4. You missed a great show last night. Why is it that this council fails to acknowledge the legal ramifications of their missteps? They tried to deny what you said about this NPO affection the existing schools and churches. Are they evil or ignorant?

  5. It was a setup dog and pony show.

  6. Where were you? There will be another workshop. It appears that they need to round up more supporters for the fiasco in progress aka the NPO. I cannot belive how poorly she conducts both herself and the meetings.