Sunday, August 5, 2012

Community Workshop, Wednesday, Aug 8, proposed Neighborhood Protection Ordinance (NPO). Holding meetings when many from the electorate are out of town is the antithesis of government transparency, of building a sense of community and public involvement. It is a good time to railroad legislation under the radar.

How do you limit dissent if you are Shelley Stanczyk and/or Brian Pariser? Hold an important meeting in the dead of summer when so many people are out of town.  Is this NPO so important that you need to do so much of the work when so many people are out of town? Or is it so important to the success of this NPO that the work be done while people are out of town?

The initial Palmetto Bay council (2002 – 2006) was sensitive to claims that zoning issues should not be discussed and that no hearings should be held in the summer months when people are dispersed for the summer.  This meant that people could leave for vacation and not worry about what might be snuck through while they are unavailable.  That is another tradition no longer honored by Shelley Stanczyk and Brian Pariser who have seen to it that their supporters are accommodated, while the general public are set up in summer for an ambush.

Coming up:  Wednesday, August 8, 2012 - 7 p.m.
Community Workshop - Neighborhood Protection Ordinance

This meeting is billed as an opportunity for the community to participate in and provide their input for the drafting of a Neighborhood Protection Ordinance.  This is it, your one-time shot before first reading (public hearing is not guaranteed on First Reading, though I provided in the Palmetto Bay procedural ordinance to allow for public hearing at first reading.  I suggest that there be public hearings on both first and second reading).

You can participate if you are in town, if you have notice. You can view the archived tape after the fact, but that renders you a spectator, not a participant.

I recommend that you attend if you are available.  CLICK HERE to view the agenda and materials published to date.  I am sure that you can call your council member and also make a personal private appointment, where you concerns are not addressed publicly or to the entire council.

The only time to publically participate appears to be when this proposed ordinance is essentially complete and put up for first reading at the September council meeting.  What could be so important to have to rush this major ordinance through in the dead of summer?  Oh yeah, Brian Pariser’s reelection campaign. 

Brian Pariser’s campaign appears to trump your right to participate.  The lack of meaningful opportunity to participate is yet another reason for a change in leadership in Palmetto Bay to return to civility and meaningful citizen participation.

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