Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Transparency should not be merely a political catch phrase in Palmetto Bay

I penned an updated article that appears in the Palmetto Bay News regarding the responsibility of elected officials to be transparent through their actions rather than merely wrapping themselves in the label.  A lack of true communication renders the term "transparency" meaningless.  Please click "read more" below and check out this entire article.

I am concerned about the over use of the term "Transparency" by current village officials - note the quotes where it appears to be followed up with no true communication.  Being on TV is not transparency, that is generating spectators.  Posted check registers without explanations is not providing a true picture of village expenditures.  Making people look up past crime listings weekly is not effectively forewarning residents about actions to take on crime trends.  There needs to be a return to a true interactive process in Palmetto Bay, a process that unfortunately has come to a screeching halt with the current administration.

Click the headline to review the current article: Transparency cannot be selective: Neither attorney/client nor the Jennings rule relieve the Mayor and Council of their duty to keep residents informed on Palmer.

I previously wrote on the rational behind the “Jennings Rule” and how it affects the relationship between elected official and concerned residents, ‘Jennings Rule’ protects everyone’s due process right,  posted Saturday, April 23, 2011. 

Click on the headline to view that entry as well as finding a link to the actual written ‘Jennings Rule’ opinion .  I have also reproduced the full Palmetto Bay ARTICLE IV.  QUASI-JUDICIAL HEARING PROCEDURES ordinance.

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