Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Read the Palmer court decisions posted on South Dade Matters

Two of the Court decisions have been posted on the South Dade Matters blog.  

Click the case number to read the December 23, 2011, court decision: CaseNo10-25912232011 

Click the case number to read the February 11, 2011m court decision: CaseNo10-259AP.

Both opinions contain significant background that should assist interested readers in becoming updated in the status of the ligation between the Palmetto Bay council and Palmer Trinity School.  There are other orders and court filings not posted here that would also be of assistance in gaining a full and complete understanding of the present issues.  These documents can be obtained from the courts and are public records.  I could not find any materials relative to the Palmer litigation posted on the official Palmetto Bay web site as of the morning of Tuesday, January 17, 2011.


  1. Your fellow blogger hit a point that I agree with:
    This contest of wills began in 2006! Now that is a good indicator for anyone wanting to do business in Palmetto Bay -----

    That is exactly what Palmer Trinity is --- A HUGE business entity that is not only in my back yard, but in my bedroom as well. That is not NIMBYism... that is a person who wants to sleep and live in their house without the whole world joining in. It is too big, too commercial and inappropriate for a residential community.

    As a homeowner who will have to live next to that evasion of a BUSINESS, I am glad that someone stood up for us.

    The school has no conscience. They may be teaching their kids property rights, but they also need to be teaching their students that with corporate property rights comes responsibility to the community that it purportedly serves.

    Oh wait. They don't serve this community. Our children aren't allowed on their property. Silly me. What was I thinking?

  2. Would you like to know the truth of where Palmetto Bay council stands in this lawsuit? Dr. Feller and I both asked for reasonable updates disclosed to those funding this lawsuit - we the taxpayers. It is not personal to the council, in fact, this current mayor and council have a duty to remain fair and unbiased in their zoning rulings.

    The votes of Dr. Feller and I are matters of public record so it is clear that this is not about which side you are on in this school battle. This is about real transparency and keeping residents up to date on important issues, which the mayor and vice mayor are refusing to do.

    Thank you for the comment.