Thursday, January 12, 2012

Council Member Howard Tendrich, a strong supporter of the greening of Palmetto Bay - Invites everyone to celebrate Arbor Day festivities in Palmetto Bay

Congrats Howard - an official who gets it and is a true supporter of green: Council member Howard Tendrich is a strong supporter of continued Arbor Day events. As reported in the Community Newspapers/Miami Herald, Village to celebrate Arbor Day with poster contest, free trees

Howard is looking forward to the event because he has a long-standing commitment to the environment. “As a proud participant in the Tree City USA program, Palmetto Bay is excited to host this two-day Arbor Day celebration,” Tendrich said. “Our celebration not only offers a fun, educational component for village youth, but the event also involves parents and other adults by motivating them to plant free trees throughout our community.”

Past events have included renowned Eco Artist Xavier Cortada at the events held with the Palmetto Bay Garden Club at Ludovici Park in January 2010.  Both the Garden Club and Xavier worked with area youth who came out an participated in an outstanding eco learning experience.  

Xavier Cortada installed art at Earth's poles to address environmental concerns at points in between.  Read more about Xavier at


  1. Go Howard! We used to buy our son's formal clothing at his store. Great man. He truly cares for the community.

  2. Looking good brothers.

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