Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Palmetto Bay breaking news update. Thank you Howard Tendrich!

One small step for residents! Palmetto Bay council accepts Councilman Tendrich's request made at the Wednesday, 1/18/2012, Committee of the Whole Meeting (COW) to put the Palmer Court decision on website.  

How long will it take to hit the web site?  

Thank you Howard, you are Mr  Transparency listening to and working on behalf of village residents.


  1. It is about time. Will all the Palmer materials be posted on the web site on only the court opinion?

    Thanks Gene.

  2. It appears from discussion as the committee of the whole meeting that only the latest decision will be posted on the village web site. I did not located any decision posted on the web site as of 2:00 PM on Thursday, Jan 19. I will update the information when I locate it.

  3. Where is the court opinion posted? I searched the Palmetto Bay web page Sunday morning and could not find it.

  4. I found the link and have posted it here. Click or cut and paste the opinion date link to view the full opinion.

    There is no anouncment on the front page. You have to find the right side column and look for "information". It is listed under "forms & documemts" then scoll down to "Village of Palmetto Bay vs. Palmer Trinity School"

    Please note the disclaimer: "Disclaimer: The following order is subject to an appeal and is not final during the pending litigation:

    Opinion Filed Dec. 22, 2011"