Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My recommendation for Miami-Dade County Mayor - Carlos Gimenez. Please vote in this very important election.

This is a tough election season with school being out and folks heading out for vacations. An election is the last thing most of us are thinking about right now.  

However, this June 28th election is important to all of us.   

The county is in another tight budget year and the budget is due almost immediately after this election. Our new mayor needs to jump in and have his ducks in a row. With this budget, there is no room for a learning curve. Gimenez has experience and as fiscal conservative he will pull in the reigns on county spending. He did an amazing job managing the City of Miami as well as serving on the county commission. We can expect more of the same outstanding and thoughtful public service from Carlos Gimenez as our county mayor. 

The voter turnout is slow with only 12,000 voters early voting in the past three days and a total of 70,000 absentee ballots returned to date.  During the May 24th election there were only 194,467 ballots cast and a voter turnout of 15.96 %. County has around 1,218,291 registered voters. It is obvious that we need to do better during this election. Here are the early voting hours and locations. The hours have changed since the new 2011 election  laws went into effect.  

Please get out and vote! Don't let other people decide who your mayor will be!

CLICK HERE to view my original recommendation post of Sunday, May 15, Elect Carlos Gimenez for Mayor Miami-Dade County.  This blog entry also contains a link to the Miami Herald original endorsement of Carlos Gimenez, calling him a reformer.

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