Sunday, May 15, 2011

Elect Carlos Gimenez for Mayor Miami-Dade County

Dear Friends,

Please join me in voting for Carlos Gimenez for Mayor Miami-Dade County.  I have personally known Carlos Gimenez for many years. I am impressed with his vision for our future. He has always kept his word and delivered with professionalism and transparency.

It is absolutely critical that we elect the right person to lead our County Government.  Carlos Gimenez has long been a person of action, not promises, on the County Commission.  It is a shame that Carlos Gimenez has often been a lone voice for reform on the County Commission. He supports eight-year term limits for commissioners, something that unfortunately many candidates have supported until they win election.

Carlos Gimenez has been consistent in fiscally conservative financial management of our County government. His outstanding past and proven record as commissioner serves as anticipated future performance as our mayor.

Our County government desperately needs Carlos' proven leadership. We can't afford to miss this opportunity in this mayoral election.

The Miami Herald has endorsed Carlos Gimenez, calling him a reformer: Sunday, May 15: The Miami Herald | EDITORIAL,Gimenez leads as a reformer, OUR OPINION: The Herald recommends Carlos Gimenez for Miami-Dade County mayor (Click the headline to read the entire Miami Herald endorsement).

CLICK HERE to view the campaign web site of Carlos Gimenez for Mayor Miami-Dade County.

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