Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vote today! The future of our County requires your participation.

Today is election day.  Who makes your decisions for you?  Today is a great day to take charge.

Having voted earlier today, I was shocked to see expected low voter turnout.  The result of the County Mayor race will have a huge impact upon your future.  Who is chosen to lead our county will determine where our tax dollars are spent, how deep the government will reach into our pockets, where our tax dollars will be spent.  Will our money continue to be spent for sports arenas or can we count on investment in neighborhood safety?

As a low voter turnout is expected, a small number of voters, then, will be left to set the Course for our County.  It is surprising to see a low turn out given the strong voter outrage expressed in the recent recall elections.

Please make sure you vote.  Today is your last opportunity.  Those that fail to exercise their right to vote may be setting this County up for long term failures in the future.  Join me at the polls. Be a decider, not a spectator.  This is just too important.

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