Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Palmetto Bay "Shared Path" update - presentation for Pinecrest - no info for affected Palmetto Bay residents

Palmetto Bay: the clock is running, time is getting tight. Pinecrest Officials had yet another presentation on the design and status of the SW 136th Street at their Village Council meeting of November 12, 2019.

It appears that Miami-Dade County Officials are working to complete the (single Palmetto Bay side) shared path plans by February 14, 2020 - Valentine's Day - and, at least as of the date of this blog post, Palmetto Bay officials have not scheduled a single town hall meeting to update affected Palmetto Bay residents, to seek their input.  A February 14, 2020, design completion date does not provide much time for Palmetto Bay to get notice to affected residents. Working together on a shared plan is much, much easier than changing a plan developed in your absence.  

I have been posting about this issue - raising issues since January of this year. 2019 is about to come to a close and there has been nothing, zip, zilch, nada, set for our residents to have their input on this critical infrastructure. The entirety of 2019 has gone by for our residents without input or update.

I am still waiting to see how this MEGA sidewalk, which I am told will consist of 10 feet of sidewalk in some ares, down to 8 feet in others, will impact those who live on the Palmetto Bay side of 136th Street, and the effect on the student drop off in front of Howard Drive Elementary.  We need answers. Why the silence?


Here is where you can find information relating to this issue:

Friday, November 8, 2019:
Time is past due for a Public Meeting to engage and update residents regarding the SW 136th Street Project

Wednesday, October 30, 2019:

Pinecrest Wins, Palmetto Bay loses. Pinecrest Council discusses material changes to 136 St Bike Lane. Palmetto Bay may be home to a 10 foot MEGA sidewalk instead of a shared project.

January 13, 2019, 
Taking a close look. A ten foot multi-use path proposed for around Palmetto Bay by a member of the Village Council - here is how it might look. Actual photos of a similar, if not identical design. Offering some Pros & Cons

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