Friday, October 4, 2019

NY Government for improved natural/recreational facilities. “DEC: Rail line should be deemed “interim trail”.

"Railbanking" "interim trail" NY Department of Environmental Conservation works to improve its recreational and natural infrastructure. Turning an unused rail line to trail. FLorida has an extensive Rails to Trails program.

The "DEC" refers to the state of New York Department of Environmental Conservation. I am promoting an interesting read from an upstate NY Media source. DEC: Rail line should be deemed 'interim trail' by Don Lehman, the Post Start. How things differ from NY to Florida. I would love to research why in NY it appears that unused rail lines can be declared "abandoned" and turned to a usable trail, even if 'interim", yet Florida grants rail easements that results in extensive property rights, costing significant dollars plus density development when the Florida rail lines are equally 'abandoned'. NY is obviously a more environmentally friendly State than Florida.

It appears that NY has a process that allows for use agreements between the DEC and railroads which  allows the railroads to avoid substantial maintenance and liability costs while permitting DEC to coordinate with concerned municipalities and other stakeholders to ensure the line benefits the region in the future. Nice. It appears to be a win/win.

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