Friday, August 2, 2019

See an issue? Report it. Allow the Village to address the issue before there is an accident

Palmetto Bay is a Tree City USA community due to its long history of area beautification. But this program should, and can, continue without putting public safety at risk.

A fellow resident noticed that this newly planted tree is causing a safety issue, putting people at risk of injuries from a driver now having the view of the stop sign obscured. The concern is that the tree (and the support stakes) block the stop sign and creates a traffic hazard.

See an issue, report an issue.  Click the link to get to the official Palmetto Bay Traffic Concern Reporting Form, there is a drop down menu for reporting traffic concerns - the tree issue would simply be "other". 

I advised the Village Manager at 8:50 pm the same day, within the hour of the post, but don’t leave it to a single notification. 

Email him at  Please copy Councilman David Singer at since he has been responsive on this post already and has a history of beeing quite responsive in addressing traffic concerns.  

For information on prior action, under previous Palmetto Bay Village Administrations, please review a prior blog post of Tuesday, March 13, 2018, Update on Traffic Enforcement - Major Serralta and team discuss special traffic initiatives for Palmetto Bay

We need to continue the tree planting program that has been underway since Palmetto Bay first incorporated, but there is plenty of areas for planting that does not put public safety as risk.

Residents have been adding constructive comments alerting the Village to this dangerous condition. 

There are legal standards for keeping our streets safe
And legal risk - aside from the obvious issue of public safety

Thank you RP for providing the info that

Keeping Traffic Control Devices Visible
Drivers need an unobstructed line of sight to any roadside signs or roadway hazards far enough ahead to allow them to react safely to each situation. If your agency has a policy on how far from a sign vegetation has to be cleared for a safe view, follow that policy. If you do not have such a policy, Table 1 provides a suggested guideline The distances for the critical signs are based on stopping sight distance 
Table 1. Clear Distance to See Sign
Speed Limit 25 (mph) no trees or shrubs within 150 feet of stop sign.

Legal risk of damages for injuries caused.
Another Village resident and local attorney provided the following article of impact to this situation (Thank you TR), advising that she had just come across this July 12, 2019 LAW.Com, DBR article relating to a lawsuit against Coral Gables article today. Asking whether Palmetto Bay could be proactive rather than defending itself from a lawsuit. See: Miami Lawyer Uses Coral Gables' Own Filing to Clinch an Appellate Victory Against It, by Zach Schlein | July 12, 2019

1:00 PM update (8-2-2019) - I was updated as to action taken by the village at resolving the issue. The picture tells the story.  Your thoughts?

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